In accordance with the Data Protection Act of 1998, JNJ is committed to the privacy for every individual who uses our website for the purpose it is intended for. We try our best to ensure that any Data you provide to us is processed with due care.

Type of Data that we collect

We use your personal data that you provide to us for the purpose of recruitment process. Your personal data comprises of information related to your name, address, work and education history and details of your eligibility to work.

Reason for processing your personal data

The primary reason for processing your personal data is to facilitate the recruitment process. Secondary reasons include marketing of various products and services to you along with latest industry news, events and promotions. If you are not interested in such market/industry related information, you can always unsubscribe from this anytime you want as explained below. Your data also assist us to understand your particular needs as a user of our website. This enables us to provide you with targeted advertising on our website as well as third party websites when these are visited by you as a registered user of our website. Your personal sensitive data is processed in accordance with all relevant legislations. When you use and register at JNJ Website, you consent to JNJ for the collection and processing of your personal sensitive data for the recruitment process. This includes disclosure of your information to prospective clients and employers.

Third parties’ involvement

As a part of recruitment process, your personal data will be passed and shared with third parties. These third parties include prospective employers or customers for the purpose of recruitment. Third parties may also include social media websites like Facebook etc. to enable us to provide you with the relevant content according to your preferences. If you choose to be included in the CV Search Service, we will make your details and CV available to search by third party recruiters and prospective employers. Please see below for more information on this service.

CV Search Service

When you register with JNJ website and upload your CV, then you are given a choice to be a part of JNJ CV Search Service. This service enables third parties including prospective employers and recruiters to see and search your CV. Your employability chances are greatly improved with this service as you become more “visible” to other employers and recruiters. However, if you do not like this idea and choose not to be contacted or searched by others, then you can change this by going into your account profile settings.

How we protect your data

Your personal data is secured with us. We make sure that your data is only accessible to our staff and Third Parties who help us to process data to prospective employers, clients or customers in order to facilitate the Recruitment Process.

How to unsubscribe from JNJ website

If you want to close your account, remove your details from the JNJ database or decide not to receive any emails and promotions from JNJ then you are free to do this by contacting JNJ and we will take this action for you.